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Volume 52 (2009)
  Carmichael Numbers with a Square Totient
Banks, W. D.
  On the Spectrum of an $n!\times n!$ Matrix Originating from Statistical Mechanics
Chassé, Dominique; Saint-Aubin, Yvan
18   Harmonicity of Holomorphic Maps Between Almost Hermitian Manifolds
Chinea, Domingo
28   Right and Left Weak Approximation Properties in Banach Spaces
Choi, Changsun; Kim, Ju Myung; Lee, Keun Young
39   A Representation Theorem for Archimedean Quadratic Modules on $*$-Rings
Cimpri\v{c}, Jakob
53   Cusp Forms Like $\Delta$
Cummins, C. J.
63   Small Zeros of Quadratic Forms Avoiding a Finite Number of Prescribed Hyperplanes
Dietmann, Rainer
66   Huber's Theorem for Hyperbolic Orbisurfaces
Dryden, Emily B.; Strohmaier, Alexander
72   A SAGBI Basis For $\mathbb F[V_2\oplus V_2\oplus V_3]^{C_p}$
Duncan, Alexander; LeBlanc, Michael; Wehlau, David L.
84   Hartogs' Theorem on Separate Holomorphicity for Projective Spaces
Gauthier, P. M.; Zeron, E. S.
87   Holomorphic 2-Forms and Vanishing Theorems for Gromov--Witten Invariants
Lee, Junho
95   Matrix Valued Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle: Some Extensions of the Classical Theory
Miranian, L.
105   Generalized Eigenfunctions and a Borel Theorem on the Sierpinski Gasket
Okoudjou, Kasso A.; Rogers, Luke G.; Strichartz, Robert S.
117   On the Rational Points of the Curve $f(X,Y)^q = h(X)g(X,Y)$
Poulakis, Dimitrios
127   The Erd\H{o}s--Rado Arrow for Singular Cardinals
Shelah, Saharon
132   On Projectively Flat $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics
Shen, Zhongmin
145   $2$-Clean Rings
Wang, Z.; Chen, J. L.
154   A Big Picard Theorem for Holomorphic Maps into Complex Projective Space
Ye, Yasheng; Ru, Min
161   A New Tautological Relation in $\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{3,1}$ via the Invariance Constraint
Arcara, D.; Lee, Y.-P.
175   Connections on a Parabolic Principal Bundle, II
Biswas, Indranil
186   Extension of the Riemann $\xi$-Function's Logarithmic Derivative Positivity Region to Near the Critical Strip
Broughan, Kevin A.
195   The Waring Problem with the Ramanujan $\tau$-Function, II
Garaev, M. Z.; Garcia, V. C.; Konyagin, S. V.
200   Schubert Calculus on a Grassmann Algebra
Gatto, Letterio; Santiago, Ta\'\i se
213   Dunford--Pettis Properties and Spaces of Operators
Ghenciu, Ioana; Lewis, Paul
224   Equations and Complexity for the Dubois--Efroymson Dimension Theorem
Ghiloni, Riccardo
237   Points of Small Height on Varieties Defined over a Function Field
Ghioca, Dragos
245   Involutions of RA Loops
Goodaire, Edgar G.; Milies, César Polcino
257   Essential Surfaces in Graph Link Exteriors
Ikeda, Toru
267   Extensions of Rings Having McCoy Condition
Ko\c{s}an, Muhammet Tamer
273   Amalgamations of Categories
MacDonald, John; Scull, Laura
285   Global Geometrical Coordinates on Falbel's Cross-Ratio Variety
Parker, John R.; Platis, Ioannis D.
295   On Functions Whose Graph is a Hamel Basis, II
P{\l}otka, Krzysztof
303   A Comment on ``$\mathfrak{p} < \mathfrak{t}$''
Shelah, Saharon
315   Generic Quasi-Convergence for Essentially Strongly Order-Preserving Semiflows
Yi, Taishan; Zou, Xingfu
321   Photo
323   Dedication: Ted Bisztriczky
Böröczky, K.; Böröczky, K. J.; Fodor, F.; Harborth, H.; Kuperberg, W.
327   Geometric ``Floral'' Configurations
Berman, Leah Wrenn; Bokowski, Jürgen; Grünbaum, Branko; Pisanski, Toma\v{z}
342   On the X-ray Number of Almost Smooth Convex Bodies and of Convex Bodies of Constant Width
Bezdek, K.; Kiss, Gy.
349   On Projection Bodies of Order One
Campi, Stefano; Gronchi, Paolo
361   A Note on Covering by Convex Bodies
Tóth, Gábor Fejes
366   A Class of Cellulated Spheres with Non-Polytopal Symmetries
Gévay, Gábor
380   Successive Minima and Radii
Henk, Martin; Cifre, Mar\'\i a A. Hernández
388   Transversals with Residue in Moderately Overlapping $T(k)$-Families of Translates
Heppes, Aladár
403   Shaken Rogers's Theorem for Homothetic Sections
Jerónimo-Castro, J.; Montejano, L.; Morales-Amaya, E.
407   On the Bezdek--Pach Conjecture for Centrally Symmetric Convex Bodies
Lángi, Zsolt; Naszódi, Márton
416   Hamiltonian Properties of Generalized Halin Graphs
Malik, Shabnam; Qureshi, Ahmad Mahmood; Zamfirescu, Tudor
424   Covering Discs in Minkowski Planes
Martini, Horst; Spirova, Margarita
435   Modular Reduction in Abstract Polytopes
Monson, B.; Schulte, Egon
451   Indecomposable Coverings
Pach, János; Tardos, Gábor; Tóth, Géza
464   Two Volume Product Inequalities and Their Applications
Stancu, Alina
481   Some Infinite Products of Ramanujan Type
Alaca, Ay\c{s}e; Alaca, \c{S}aban; Williams, Kenneth S.
493   A One-Dimensional Family of $K3$ Surfaces with a $\Z_4$ Action
Artebani, Michela
511   The Irreducibility of Polynomials That Have One Large Coefficient and Take a Prime Value
Bonciocat, Anca Iuliana; Bonciocat, Nicolae Ciprian
521   The Parabolic Littlewood--Paley Operator with Hardy Space Kernels
Chen, Yanping; Ding, Yong
535   A Note on Locally Nilpotent Derivations\\ and Variables of $k[X,Y,Z]$
Daigle, Daniel; Kaliman, Shulim
544   Intuitionistic Fuzzy $\gamma$-Continuity
Hanafy, I. M.
555   Boundary Behavior of Solutions of the Helmholtz Equation
Hirata, Kentaro
564   Group Actions on Quasi-Baer Rings
Jin, Hai Lan; Doh, Jaekyung; Park, Jae Keol
583   Computing Polynomials of the Ramanujan $t_n$ Class Invariants
Konstantinou, Elisavet; Kontogeorgis, Aristides
598   Numerical Semigroups That Are Not Intersections of $d$-Squashed Semigroups
Moreno, M. A.; Nicola, J.; Pardo, E.; Thomas, H.
613   Lipschitz Type Characterizations for Bergman Spaces
Wulan, Hasi; Zhu, Kehe
627   On $L^{1}$-Convergence of Fourier Series under the MVBV Condition
Yu, Dan Sheng; Zhou, Ping; Zhou, Song Ping
637   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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