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The following papers are the latest research papers available from the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.

The papers below are all fully peer-reviewed and we vouch for the research inside. Some items are labelled Author's Draft, and others are identified as Published.
As a service to our readers, we post new papers as soon as the science is right, but before official publication; these are the papers marked Author's Draft. When our copy editing process is complete and the paper now has our official form, we replace the Author's Draft with the Published version.
All the papers below are scheduled for inclusion in a Print issue. When that issue goes to press, the paper is moved from this Online First web page over to the main CMB Digital Archive.

  The co-annihilating ideal graphs of commutative rings
Akbari, Saeeid; Alilou, Abbas; Amjadi, Jafar; Sheikholeslami, Seyed Mahmoud
Author's Draft
  Co-Maximal Graphs of Subgroups of Groups
Akbari, Saieed; Miraftab, Babak; Nikandish, Reza
Author's Draft
  On Identities with Composition of Generalized Derivations
Argaç, Nurcan; Eroǧlu, Münevver Pınar
Author's Draft
  Self $2$-distance graphs
Azimi, Ali; Farrokhi Derakhshandeh Ghouchan, Mohammad
Author's Draft
  Functions universal for all translation operators in several complex variables
Bayart, Frédéric; Gauthier, Paul M
Author's Draft
  On the dual König property of the order-interval hypergraph of two classes of N-free posets
Bouchemakh, Isma; Fatma, Kaci
Author's Draft
  Tubular free by cyclic groups act freely on CAT(0) cube complexes
Button, Jack
Author's Draft
  Power series rings over Prufer $v$-multiplication domains, II
Chang, Gyu Whan
Published: 2016-08-17
  Characterizations and representations of core and dual core inverses
Chen, Jianlong; Patricio, Pedro; Zhang, Yulin; Zhu, Huihui
Published: 2016-08-17
  Nilpotent group C*-algebras as compact quantum metric spaces
Christ, Michael; Rieffel, Marc A.
Published: 2016-08-17
  Cubic functional equations on restricted domains of Lebesgue measure zero
Chung, Jaeyoung; Ju, Yumin; Rassias, John
Author's Draft
  Degree Kirchhoff index of bicyclic graphs
Deng, Hanyuan; Tang, Zikai
Published: 2016-10-11
  An extension of Nikishin's factorization theorem
Diestel, Geoff
Published: 2016-10-12
  A note on Lawton's theorem
Dobrowolski, Edward
Author's Draft
  Luzin-type holomorphic approximation on closed subsets of open Riemann surfaces
Gauthier, Paul M; Sharifi, Fatemeh
Published: 2016-09-13
  Abstract Plancherel (Trace) Formulas over Homogeneous Spaces of Compact Groups
Ghaani Farashahi, Arash
Published: 2016-07-14
  A homological property and Arens regularity of locally compact quantum groups
Ghanei, Mohammad Reza; Nasr-Isfahani, Rasoul; Nemati, Mehdi
Published: 2016-10-04
  Some estimates for generalized commutators of rough fractional maximal and integral operators on generalized weighted Morrey spaces
Gurbuz, Ferit
Author's Draft
  Convex-normal (pairs of) polytopes
Haase, Christian; Hofmann, Jan
Author's Draft
  On the singular sheaves in the fine Simpson moduli spaces of $1$-dimensional sheaves
Iena, Oleksandr; Leytem, Alain
Published: 2016-09-27
  Maximal Weight Composition Factors for Weyl Modules
Jantzen, Jens Carsten
Author's Draft
  On polarized K3 surfaces of genus 33
Karzhemanov, Ilya
Published: 2016-08-17
  The Dirichlet problem for the slab with entire data and a difference equation for harmonic functions
Khavinson, Dmitry; Lundberg, Erik; Render, Hermann
Published: 2016-04-19
  Endpoint Regularity of Multisublinear Fractional Maximal Functions
Liu, Feng; Wu, Huoxiong
Published: 2016-08-30
  On chromatic functors and stable partitions of graphs
Liu, Ye
Published: 2016-08-19
  Cokernels of homomorphisms from Burnside rings to inverse limits
Morimoto, Masaharu
Author's Draft
  On the Generalized Auslander-Reiten Conjecture under Certain Ring Extensions
Nasseh, Saeed
Author's Draft
  On Ulam stability of a functional equation in Banach modules
Oubbi, Lahbib
Published: 2016-09-20
  On a conjecture of Livingston
Pathak, Siddhi
Published: 2016-10-11
  Some normal numbers generated by arithmetic functions
Pollack, Paul; Vandehey, Joseph
Author's Draft
  On the dimension of the locus of determinantal hypersurfaces
Reichstein, Zinovy; Vistoli, Angelo
Author's Draft
  On Gibbs measures and spectra of Ruelle transfer operators
Stoyanov, Luchezar
Author's Draft
  The metric dimension of circulant graphs
Vetrik, Tomas
Published: 2016-08-18
  Condition $C'_{\wedge}$ of Operator Spaces
Wang, Yuanyi
Author's Draft
  Mixed $f$-divergence for multiple pairs of measures
Werner, Elisabeth; Ye, Deping
Published: 2016-09-08
  Rational function operators from Poisson integrals
Xu, Xu; Zhu, Laiyi
Published: 2016-09-29
  Isometry on linear n-G-quasi normed spaces
Yumei, Ma
Author's Draft

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