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Papers considered for publication

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) publishes two research journals: the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin for shorter papers, and the Canadian Journal of Mathematics for longer papers. To be submitted to the Bulletin, papers should be at most 18 pages long. Longer papers should be submitted to the CJM.

All submitted papers are considered subject to the understanding that they have not been published before in any form and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. To be publishable, papers must address new mathematical research, be well written, and be of interest to a significant segment of the mathematical community. Papers may be written in English or French.

Preparing a manuscript for submission

The CMS is committed to processing all submitted papers in the shortest possible time. It is, therefore, vital that authors take care to ensure that their manuscripts are in their final form and conform to the following specifications:

  • The first page should contain a short descriptive title, the name(s) of the author(s) followed by an abstract, not exceeding 200 words, which can be read independently of the paper. This should be followed by the Mathematics Subject Classification Number for the primary and secondary subjects of the article. The institutional affiliation and complete address of each author (including e-mail) should appear at the bottom of the last page.
  • Citations should be to an alphabetical bibliography at the end of the paper. The style should conform to one of those used in recent issues of the CMB. The list of references should use the standard abbreviations issued by Mathematical Reviews (MR).
  • The CMS recommends LaTeX for manuscript preparation and has prepared a sample LaTeX file for author review which generates this PDF output. Please ensure the pages are numbered, beginning with 1. For further information about style, formats, the use of LaTeX and the production of PDF output, contact the CMS by e-mail at:

Online submission to CMB

When the manuscript is in its final form, it should be submitted online, in PDF form, at :

Peer Review

The editorial board will review the manuscript and, if it is judged acceptable for publication, the editors will handle the peer review process. If successful, this process will result in the paper's acceptance for publication.


Once a peer-reviewed paper has been Accepted for publication, the author will be notified by email. Upon notification, the author(s) must then:

  1. provide our copy editors with a complete set of the most recent LaTeX source files (and any supplementary files required, such as figures or macros) and a PDF version of the resulting manuscript; and
  2. transfer the copyright for the paper to the Canadian Mathematical Society using an online web form so that we can legally publish it online and in print (see sample).
gold open access icon Optional Gold Open Access: Following Acceptance, the authors will also be notified of their option to designate the paper for full public release (not requiring a subscription) in exchange for a publication fee. By default, we will assume the author wishes to use the traditional release model whereby only CMB subscribers get access for the first five years. More details are available on our Open Access offerings and policies.

Online First

After the CMS receives the LaTeX source files and the copyright, we will assign it a permanent DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and make the paper available for readers as an Author's Draft in the Online First section of the journal. This makes the research available to readers quickly, but the paper is not yet considered officially published, since it has not yet been copy edited. When the paper has been copy edited (see below), the Author's Draft version is replaced on the web site.

green open access icon Green Open Access: When we post the Author's Draft version online, we also email it and its permanent DOI to the communicating author. In accordance with our commitment to "Green" Open Access (see details), we encourage authors to post this Author's Draft (in place of earlier versions where appropropriate) on their personal/academic web sites and noncommercial Open Access repositories such as The final published cmb version may not be posted elsewhere without written approval from the CMS.

Authors are encouraged, when referring to the paper in print or on the web, to use the permanent DOI whenever possible to provide readers with direct access to the official version of the paper (e.g.:

Copy Editing and Proofs

Once the Author's Draft is posted online, the CMS will copy edit the paper to finalize it for official publication. As well as ensuring it conforms to the layout and visual style chosen for the publication, this process may in some cases change the content of the paper (for example, to re-word portions or to improve the clarity where needed). At the end of this process a "Proof" copy is sent to the communicating author for approval or refinements. Corrections to this proof should be returned to the CMS, after which point no other alterations or corrections will normally be accepted. Such changes, if allowed, could cause delays in publication.


We consider a paper published when it appears online in copy edited form.

Once the proof copy is acceptable to the author, we replace Author's Draft version that has been available. The paper is now considered officially Published. The paper remains in the Online First section, but is no longer identified as a draft. The paper remains accessible in the Online First section until it is included in a print issue of the journal.

Print Issue

When a paper is included in a print issue, the version available online is updated to include the volume and issue numbers and the page numbers are re-assigned relative to the volume. The original DOI continues to point directly to the paper, but the paper moves on our web site from the Online First area into the appropriate volume and issue in the CMB Digital Archive.

Further Enquiries and Other Issues

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