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Volume 63 (2011)

  Free Bessel Laws
Banica, T.; Belinschi, S. T.; Capitaine, M.; Collins, B.
38   Asymptotic Formulae for Pairs of Diagonal Cubic Equations
Brüdern, Jörg; Wooley, Trevor D.
55   Pseudolocality for the Ricci Flow and Applications
Chau, Albert; Tam, Luen-Fai; Yu, Chengjie
86   On Vojta's $1+\varepsilon$ Conjecture
Chen, Xi
104   Reversibility of Interacting Fleming-Viot Processes with Mutation, Selection, and Recombination
Feng, Shui; Schmuland, Byron; Vaillancourt, Jean; Zhou, Xiaowen
123   Strong and Extremely Strong Ditkin sets for the Banach Algebras $A_p^r(G)=A_p\cap L^r(G)$
Granirer, Edmond E.
136   Transcendental Nature of Special Values of $L$-Functions
Gun, Sanoli; Murty, M. Ram; Rath, Purusottam
153   Asymptotics for Functions Associated with Heat Flow on the Sierpinski Carpet
Hambly, B. M.
181   Characterizations of Continuous and Discrete $q$-Ultraspherical Polynomials
Ismail, Mourad E. H.; Obermaier, Josef
200   An Explicit Polynomial Expression for a $q$-Analogue of the 9-$j$ Symbols
Rahman, Mizan
222   Limit Theorems for Additive Conditionally Free Convolution
Wang, Jiun-Chau
241   Multiple Zeta-Functions Associated with Linear Recurrence Sequences and the Vectorial Sum Formula
Essouabri, Driss; Matsumoto, Kohji; Tsumura, Hirofumi
277   Locally Indecomposable Galois Representations
Ghate, Eknath; Vatsal, Vinayak
298   A Variant of Lehmer's Conjecture, II: The CM-case
Gun, Sanoli; Murty, V. Kumar
327   Discrete Series for $p$-adic $SO(2n)$ and Restrictions of Representations of $O(2n)$
Jantzen, Chris
381   A Complete Classification of AI Algebras with the Ideal Property
Ji, Kui ; Jiang, Chunlan
413   Generating Functions for Hecke Algebra Characters
Konvalinka, Matjaž; Skandera, Mark
436   Simplicial Complexes and Open Subsets of Non-Separable LF-Spaces
Mine, Kotaro; Sakai, Katsuro
460   Monotonically Controlled Mappings
Pavlíček, Libor
481   The Ample Cone for a K3 Surface
Baragar, Arthur
500   One-Parameter Continuous Fields of Kirchberg Algebras. II
Dadarlat, Marius; Elliott, George A.; Niu, Zhuang
533   On Best Proximity Points in Metric and Banach Spaces
Espínola, Rafa; Fernández-León, Aurora
551   Topological Free Entropy Dimensions in Nuclear C$^*$-algebras and in Full Free Products of Unital C$^*$-algebras
Hadwin, Don; Li, Qihui; Shen, Junhao
591   Rank One Reducibility for Metaplectic Groups via Theta Correspondence
Hanzer, Marcela; Muić, Goran
616   A Modular Quintic Calabi-Yau Threefold of Level 55
Lee, Edward
634   On Higher Moments of Fourier Coefficients of Holomorphic Cusp Forms
Lü, Guangshi
648   Spectral Asymptotics of Laplacians Associated with One-dimensional Iterated Function Systems with Overlaps
Ngai, Sze-Man
689   Higher Rank Wavelets
Olphert, Sean; Power, Stephen C.
721   Isoresonant Complex-valued Potentials and Symmetries
Autin, Aymeric
755   On the Geometry of the Moduli Space of Real Binary Octics
Chu, Kenneth C. K.
798   Representing Multipliers of the Fourier Algebra on Non-Commutative $L^p$ Spaces
Daws, Matthew
826   Singular Moduli of Shimura Curves
Errthum, Eric
862   Linear Combinations of Composition Operators on the Bloch Spaces
Hosokawa, Takuya; Nieminen, Pekka J.; Ohno, Shûichi
878   The Toric Geometry of Triangulated Polygons in Euclidean Spac
Howard, Benjamin; Manon, Christopher; Millson, John
938   AV-Courant Algebroids and Generalized CR Structures
Li-Bland, David
961   Low Frequency Estimates for Long Range Perturbations in Divergence Form
Bouclet, Jean-Marc
992   The Arithmetic of Genus Two Curves with (4,4)-Split Jacobians
Bruin, Nils; Doerksen, Kevin
1025   Universal Series on a Riemann Surface
Clouâtre, Raphaël
1038   Critical Points and Resonance of Hyperplane Arrangements
Cohen, D.; Denham, G.; Falk, M.; Varchenko, A.
1058   $S_3$-covers of Schemes
Easton, Robert W.
1083   Decomposition of Splitting Invariants in Split Real Groups
Kaletha, Tasho
1107   Genericity of Representations of p-Adic $Sp_{2n}$ and Local Langlands Parameters
Liu, Baiying
1137   Distribution Algebras on p-adic Groups and Lie Algebras
Moy, Allen
1161   Transfer of Fourier Multipliers into Schur Multipliers and Sumsets in a Discrete Group
Neuwirth, Stefan; Ricard, Éric
1188   On Complemented Subspaces of Non-Archimedean Power Series Spaces
Śliwa, Wiesław; Ziemkowska, Agnieszka
1201   Resonant Tunneling of Fast Solitons through Large Potential Barriers
Abou Salem, Walid K. ; Sulem, Catherine
1220   Similar Sublattices of Planar Lattices
Baake, Michael; Scharlau, Rudolf; Zeiner, Peter
1238   Casselman's Basis of Iwahori Vectors and the Bruhat Order
Bump, Daniel; Nakasuji, Maki
1254   Constructions of Chiral Polytopes of Small Rank
D'Azevedo, Antonio Breda; Jones, Gareth A.; Schulte, Egon
1284   Non-Existence of Ramanujan Congruences in Modular Forms of Level Four
Dewar, Michael
1307   A Bott-Borel-Weil Theorem for Diagonal Ind-groups
Dimitrov, Ivan; Penkov, Ivan
1328   On a Conjecture of Chowla and Milnor
Gun, Sanoli; Murty, M. Ram; Rath, Purusottam
1345   Pointed Torsors
Jardine, J. F.
1364   The Cubic Dirac Operator for Infinite-Dimensonal Lie Algebras
Meinrenken, Eckhard
1388   Nonabelian $H^1$ and the Étale Van Kampen Theorem
Misamore, Michael D.
1416   MAD Saturated Families and SANE Player
Shelah, Saharon

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