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Volume 60 Number 2 (Apr 2008)

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241   Semi-Classical Wavefront Set and Fourier Integral Operators
Alexandrova, Ivana
264   Erratum to: An Exactly Solved Model for Recombination, Mutation and Selection
Baake, Michael; Baake, Ellen
266   Invariants and Coinvariants of the Symmetric Group in Noncommuting Variables
Bergeron, Nantel; Reutenauer, Christophe; Rosas, Mercedes; Zabrocki, Mike
297   Transitive Factorizations in the Hyperoctahedral Group
Bini, G.; Goulden, I. P.; Jackson, D. M.
313   Asymptotic Properties for Increments of $l^{\infty}$-Valued Gaussian Random Fields
Choi, Yong-Kab; o, Miklós Csörg\H
334   Low-Pass Filters and Scaling Functions for Multivariable Wavelets
Curry, Eva
348   Monoidal Functors, Acyclic Models and Chain Operads
Santos, F. Guillén; Navarro, V.; Pascual, P.; Roig, Agust{\'\i}
379   Finite Cohen--Macaulay Type and Smooth Non-Commutative Schemes
rgensen, Peter J\o
391   The Geometry of the Weak Lefschetz Property and Level Sets of Points
Migliore, Juan C.
412   Quelques calculs de traces compactes et leurs transform{ées de Satake
Nguyen-Chu, G.-V.
443   On a Class of Projectively Flat Metrics with Constant Flag Curvature
Shen, Z.; Yildirim, G. Civi
457   Harmonic Coordinates on Fractals with Finitely Ramified Cell Structure
Teplyaev, Alexander

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