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Volume 59 Number 6 (Dec 2007)

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1121   Meromorphic Continuation of Spherical Cuspidal Data Eisenstein Series
Alayont, Feryâl
1135   Sobolev Extensions of Hölder Continuous and Characteristic Functions on Metric Spaces
Björn, Anders; Björn, Jana; Shanmugalingam, Nageswari
1154   $k(n)$-Torsion-Free $H$-Spaces and $P(n)$-Cohomology
Boardman, J. Michael; Wilson, W. Stephen
1207   $H^p$-Maximal Regularity and Operator Valued Multipliers on Hardy Spaces
Bu, Shangquan; Le, Christian Merdy
1223   Calderón--Zygmund Operators Associated to Ultraspherical Expansions
Buraczewski, Dariusz; Martinez, Teresa; Torrea, José L.
1245   On Gap Properties and Instabilities of $p$-Yang--Mills Fields
Chen, Qun; Zhou, Zhen-Rong
1260   Generic Extensions and Canonical Bases for Cyclic Quivers
Deng, Bangming; Du, Jie; Xiao, Jie
1284   On Effective Witt Decomposition and the Cartan--Dieudonn{é Theorem
Fukshansky, Lenny
1301   Strichartz Inequalities for the Wave Equation with the Full Laplacian on the Heisenberg Group
Furioli, Giulia; Melzi, Camillo; Veneruso, Alessandro
1323   On a Conjecture of Jacquet, Lai, and Rallis: Some Exceptional Cases
Ginzburg, David; Lapid, Erez
1341   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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