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Volume 59 Number 4 (Aug 2007)

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673   Hecke $L$-Functions and the Distribution of Totally Positive Integers
Ash, Avner; Friedberg, Solomon
696   Algèbres de Lie d'homotopie associées à une proto-bigèbre de Lie
Bangoura, Momo
712   Jet Modules
Billig, Yuly
730   Large Sieve Inequalities via Subharmonic Methods and the Mahler Measure of the Fekete Polynomials
Erdélyi, T.; Lubinsky, D. S.
742   Geometry and Spectra of Closed Extensions of Elliptic Cone Operators
Gil, Juan B.; Krainer, Thomas; Mendoza, Gerardo A.
795   The Choquet--Deny Equation in a Banach Space
Jaworski, Wojciech; Neufang, Matthias
828   Non-Backtracking Random Walks and Cogrowth of Graphs
Ortner, Ronald; Woess, Wolfgang
845   Representations of the Fundamental Group of an $L$-Punctured Sphere Generated by Products of Lagrangian Involutions
Schaffhauser, Florent
880   Radical Ideals in Valuation Domains
van, John E. den

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