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Volume 59 Number 2 (Apr 2007)

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225   Harmonic Analysis on Metrized Graphs
Baker, Matt; Rumely, Robert
276   Weighted Inequalities for Hardy--Steklov Operators
Bernardis, A. L.; Martín-Reyes, F. J.; Salvador, P. Ortega
296   Bol Loops of Nilpotence Class Two
Chein, Orin; Goodaire, Edgar G.
311   Growth and Zeros of the Zeta Function for Hyperbolic Rational Maps
Christianson, Hans
332   Endomorphism Rings of Finite Global Dimension
Leuschke, Graham J.
343   Weak Semiprojectivity in Purely Infinite Simple $C^*$-Algebras
Lin, Huaxin
372   Zeta Functions of Supersingular Curves of Genus 2
Maisner, Daniel; Nart, Enric
393   Le splitting pour l'opérateur de Klein--Gordon: une approche heuristique et numérique
Servat, E.
418   On Cabled Knots and Vassiliev Invariants (Not) Contained in Knot Polynomials
Stoimenow, A.

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