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Volume 59 Number 1 (Feb 2007)

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  Holomorphic Generation of Continuous Inverse Algebras
Biller, Harald
36   Classification of Ding's Schubert Varieties: Finer Rook Equivalence
Develin, Mike; Martin, Jeremy L.; Reiner, Victor
63   Some Results on the Schroeder--Bernstein Property for Separable Banach Spaces
Ferenczi, Valentin; Galego, Elói Medina
85   On the Convergence of a Class of Nearly Alternating Series
Foster, J. H.; Serbinowska, Monika
109   On Fiber Cones of $\m$-Primary Ideals
Jayanthan, A. V.; Puthenpurakal, Tony J.; Verma, J. K.
127   Smooth Values of the Iterates of the Euler Phi-Function
Lamzouri, Youness
148   On Certain Classes of Unitary Representations for Split Classical Groups
Muić, Goran
186   Endomorphism Algebras of Kronecker Modules Regulated by Quadratic Function Fields
Okoh, F.; Zorzitto, F.
211   On Two Exponents of Approximation Related to a Real Number and Its Square
Roy, Damien

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