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Volume 59 (2007)
  Holomorphic Generation of Continuous Inverse Algebras
Biller, Harald
36   Classification of Ding's Schubert Varieties: Finer Rook Equivalence
Develin, Mike; Martin, Jeremy L.; Reiner, Victor
63   Some Results on the Schroeder--Bernstein Property for Separable Banach Spaces
Ferenczi, Valentin; Galego, Elói Medina
85   On the Convergence of a Class of Nearly Alternating Series
Foster, J. H.; Serbinowska, Monika
109   On Fiber Cones of $\m$-Primary Ideals
Jayanthan, A. V.; Puthenpurakal, Tony J.; Verma, J. K.
127   Smooth Values of the Iterates of the Euler Phi-Function
Lamzouri, Youness
148   On Certain Classes of Unitary Representations for Split Classical Groups
Muić, Goran
186   Endomorphism Algebras of Kronecker Modules Regulated by Quadratic Function Fields
Okoh, F.; Zorzitto, F.
211   On Two Exponents of Approximation Related to a Real Number and Its Square
Roy, Damien
225   Harmonic Analysis on Metrized Graphs
Baker, Matt; Rumely, Robert
276   Weighted Inequalities for Hardy--Steklov Operators
Bernardis, A. L.; Martín-Reyes, F. J.; Salvador, P. Ortega
296   Bol Loops of Nilpotence Class Two
Chein, Orin; Goodaire, Edgar G.
311   Growth and Zeros of the Zeta Function for Hyperbolic Rational Maps
Christianson, Hans
332   Endomorphism Rings of Finite Global Dimension
Leuschke, Graham J.
343   Weak Semiprojectivity in Purely Infinite Simple $C^*$-Algebras
Lin, Huaxin
372   Zeta Functions of Supersingular Curves of Genus 2
Maisner, Daniel; Nart, Enric
393   Le splitting pour l'opérateur de Klein--Gordon: une approche heuristique et numérique
Servat, E.
418   On Cabled Knots and Vassiliev Invariants (Not) Contained in Knot Polynomials
Stoimenow, A.
449   $\SL_n$, Orthogonality Relations and Transfer
Badulescu, Alexandru Ioan
465   Searching for Absolute $\mathcal{CR}$-Epic Spaces
Barr, Michael; Kennison, John F.; Raphael, R.
488   Osculating Varieties of Veronese Varieties and Their Higher Secant Varieties
Bernardi, A.; Catalisano, M. V.; Gimigliano, A.; Idà, M.
503   Cyclic Groups and the Three Distance Theorem
Chevallier, Nicolas
553   Computations of Elliptic Units for Real Quadratic Fields
Dasgupta, Samit
575   Cardinal Invariants of Analytic $P$-Ideals
Hernández-Hernández, Fernando; Hrušák, Michael
596   Eigenvalues, $K$-theory and Minimal Flows
Itzá-Ortiz, Benjamín A.
614   Preduals and Nuclear Operators Associated with Bounded, $p$-Convex, $p$-Concave and Positive $p$-Summing Operators
Labuschagne, C. C. A.
638   Distance from Idempotents to Nilpotents
MacDonald, Gordon W.
658   Division Algebras of Prime Degree and Maximal Galois $p$-Extensions
Mináč, J.; Wadsworth, A.
673   Hecke $L$-Functions and the Distribution of Totally Positive Integers
Ash, Avner; Friedberg, Solomon
696   Algèbres de Lie d'homotopie associées à une proto-bigèbre de Lie
Bangoura, Momo
712   Jet Modules
Billig, Yuly
730   Large Sieve Inequalities via Subharmonic Methods and the Mahler Measure of the Fekete Polynomials
Erdélyi, T.; Lubinsky, D. S.
742   Geometry and Spectra of Closed Extensions of Elliptic Cone Operators
Gil, Juan B.; Krainer, Thomas; Mendoza, Gerardo A.
795   The Choquet--Deny Equation in a Banach Space
Jaworski, Wojciech; Neufang, Matthias
828   Non-Backtracking Random Walks and Cogrowth of Graphs
Ortner, Ronald; Woess, Wolfgang
845   Representations of the Fundamental Group of an $L$-Punctured Sphere Generated by Products of Lagrangian Involutions
Schaffhauser, Florent
880   Radical Ideals in Valuation Domains
van, John E. den
897   The Ground State Problem for a Quantum Hamiltonian Model Describing Friction
Bruneau, Laurent
917   Admissibility for a Class of Quasiregular Representations
Currey, Bradley N.
943   A Weighted $L^2$-Estimate of the Witten Spinor in Asymptotically Schwarzschild Manifolds
Finster, Felix; Kraus, Margarita
966   Operator Amenability of the Fourier Algebra in the $\cb$-Multiplier Norm
Forrest, Brian E.; Runde, Volker; Spronk, Nico
981   The Chen--Ruan Cohomology of Weighted Projective Spaces
Jiang, Yunfeng
1008   Ideas from Zariski Topology in the Study of Cubical Homology
Kaczynski, Tomasz; Mrozek, Marian; Trahan, Anik
1029   The Geometry of $L_0$
Kalton, N. J.; Koldobsky, A.; Yaskin, V.; Yaskina, M.
1050   On the Restriction to $\D^* \times \D^*$ of Representations of $p$-Adic $\GL_2(\D)$
Raghuram, A.
1069   Quotients jacobiens : une approche algébrique
Reydy, Carine
1098   Ruled Exceptional Surfaces and the Poles of Motivic Zeta Functions
Rodrigues, B.
1121   Meromorphic Continuation of Spherical Cuspidal Data Eisenstein Series
Alayont, Feryâl
1135   Sobolev Extensions of Hölder Continuous and Characteristic Functions on Metric Spaces
Björn, Anders; Björn, Jana; Shanmugalingam, Nageswari
1154   $k(n)$-Torsion-Free $H$-Spaces and $P(n)$-Cohomology
Boardman, J. Michael; Wilson, W. Stephen
1207   $H^p$-Maximal Regularity and Operator Valued Multipliers on Hardy Spaces
Bu, Shangquan; Le, Christian Merdy
1223   Calderón--Zygmund Operators Associated to Ultraspherical Expansions
Buraczewski, Dariusz; Martinez, Teresa; Torrea, José L.
1245   On Gap Properties and Instabilities of $p$-Yang--Mills Fields
Chen, Qun; Zhou, Zhen-Rong
1260   Generic Extensions and Canonical Bases for Cyclic Quivers
Deng, Bangming; Du, Jie; Xiao, Jie
1284   On Effective Witt Decomposition and the Cartan--Dieudonn{é Theorem
Fukshansky, Lenny
1301   Strichartz Inequalities for the Wave Equation with the Full Laplacian on the Heisenberg Group
Furioli, Giulia; Melzi, Camillo; Veneruso, Alessandro
1323   On a Conjecture of Jacquet, Lai, and Rallis: Some Exceptional Cases
Ginzburg, David; Lapid, Erez
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