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Volume 58 Number 6 (Dec 2006)

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1121   The Feichtinger Conjecture for Wavelet Frames, Gabor Frames and Frames of Translates
Bownik, Marcin; Speegle, Darrin
1144   Partial $*$-Automorphisms, Normalizers, and Submodules in Monotone Complete $C^*$-Algebras
Hamana, Masamichi
1203   Orbites unipotentes et pôles d'ordre maximal de la fonction $\mu $ de Harish-Chandra
Heiermann, Volker
1229   Intégrales orbitales tordues sur $\GL(n,F)$ et corps locaux proches\,: applications
Henniart, Guy; Lemaire, Bertrand
1268   Gauge-Invariant Ideals in the $C^*$-Algebras of Finitely Aligned Higher-Rank Graphs
Sims, Aidan
1291   The General Structure of $G$-Graded Contractions of Lie Algebras I. The Classification
Weimar-Woods, Evelyn
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