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Volume 56 (2004)
  Locally Compact Pro-$C^*$-Algebras
Amini, Massoud
23   Ternary Diophantine Equations via Galois Representations and Modular Forms
Bennett, Michael A.; Skinner, Chris M.
55   $\mathbb{Z}[\sqrt{14}]$ is Euclidean
Harper, Malcolm
71   Euclidean Rings of Algebraic Integers
Harper, Malcolm; Murty, M. Ram
77   High-Dimensional Graphical Networks of Self-Avoiding Walks
Holmes, Mark; Járai, Antal A.; Sakai, Akira; Slade, Gordon
115   Estimates of Hausdorff Dimension for the Non-Wandering Set of an Open Planar Billiard
Kenny, Robert
134   Linear Operators on Matrix Algebras that Preserve the Numerical Range, Numerical Radius or the States
Li, Chi-Kwong; Sourour, Ahmed Ramzi
168   On a Certain Residual Spectrum of $\Sp_8$
Pogge, James Todd
194   Selmer Groups of Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication
Saikia, A.
209   A Central Limit Theorem and Law of the Iterated Logarithm for a Random Field with Exponential Decay of Correlations
Schmuland, Byron; Sun, Wei
225   Complex Uniform Convexity and Riesz Measure
Blower, Gordon; Ransford, Thomas
246   Éléments unipotents réguliers des sous-groupes de Levi
Bonnafé, Cédric
277   Spectral Properties of the Commutator of Bergman's Projection and the Operator of Multiplication by an Analytic Function
Dostanić, Milutin R.
293   Structure of modules induced from simple modules with minimal annihilator
Khomenko, Oleksandr; Mazorchuk, Volodymyr
310   The Geometry of Quadratic Differential Systems with a Weak Focus of Third Order
Llibre, Jaume; Schlomiuk, Dana
344   Predual of the Multiplier Algebra of $A_p(G)$ and Amenability
Miao, Tianxuan
356   Non-Abelian Generalizations of the Erd\H os-Kac Theorem
Murty, M. Ram; Saidak, Filip
373   An Elementary Proof of a Weak Exceptional Zero Conjecture
Orton, Louisa
406   Theta Series, Eisenstein Series and Poincaré Series over Function Fields
Pál, Ambrus
431   Group Actions and Singular Martingales II, The Recognition Problem
Rosenblatt, Joseph; Taylor, Michael
449   The Best Constants Associated with Some Weak Maximal Inequalities in Ergodic Theory
Demeter, Ciprian
472   Infinite-Dimensional Polyhedrality
Fonf, Vladimir P.; Veselý, Libor
495   Coinvariant Algebras of Finite Subgroups of $\SL(3,C)$
Gomi, Yasushi; Nakamura, Iku; Shinoda, Ken-ichi
529   Asymptotics for Minimal Discrete Riesz Energy on Curves in $\R^d$
Martínez-Finkelshtein, A.; Maymeskul, V.; Rakhmanov, E. A.; Saff, E. B.
553   Cohomology Ring of Symplectic Quotients by Circle Actions
Mohammadalikhani, Ramin
566   Geodesics in a Manifold with Heisenberg Group as Boundary
Ni, Yilong
590   The Heat Kernel and Green's Function on a Manifold with Heisenberg Group as Boundary
Ni, Yilong
612   Solvable Points on Projective Algebraic Curves
Pál, Ambrus
638   Multisymplectic Reduction for Proper Actions
Śniatycki, Jędrzej
655   On the Neumann Problem for the Schrödinger Equations with Singular Potentials in Lipschitz Domains
Tao, Xiangxing; Wang, Henggeng
673   Défaut de semi-stabilité des courbes elliptiques dans le cas non ramifié
Cali, Élie
699   Bump Functions with Hölder Derivatives
Gaspari, Thierry
716   Fat Points in $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^1$ and Their Hilbert Functions
Guardo, Elena; Van Tuyl, Adam
742   Similarity Classification of Cowen-Douglas Operators
Jiang, Chunlan
776   Best Approximation in Riemannian Geodesic Submanifolds of Positive Definite Matrices
Lim, Yongdo
794   Semi-Classical Behavior of the Scattering Amplitude for Trapping Perturbations at Fixed Energy
Michel, Laurent
825   Differentiability Properties of Optimal Value Functions
Penot, Jean-Paul
843   Type Decomposition and the Rectangular AFD Property for $W^*$-TRO's
Ruan, Zhong-Jin
871   Lie Elements and Knuth Relations
Schocker, Manfred
883   Kirillov Theory for a Class of Discrete Nilpotent Groups
Tandra, Haryono; Moran, William
897   Finding and Excluding $b$-ary Machin-Type Individual Digit Formulae
Borwein, Jonathan M.; Borwein, David; Galway, William F.
926   K-Homology of the Rotation Algebras $A_{\theta}$
Hadfield, Tom
945   Smoothness of Quotients Associated \\With a Pair of Commuting Involutions
Helminck, Aloysius G.; Schwarz, Gerald W.
963   A Berry-Esseen Type Theorem on Nilpotent Covering Graphs
Ishiwata, Satoshi
983   Fubini's Theorem for Ultraproducts \\of Noncommutative $L_p$-Spaces
Junge, Marius
1022   Non-Orientable Surfaces and Dehn Surgeries
Matignon, D.; Sayari, N.
1034   Semi-classical Integrability,Hyperbolic Flows and the Birkhoff Normal Form
Rouleux, Michel
1068   Regular Embeddings of Generalized Hexagons
Steinbach, Anja; Van Maldeghem, Hendrik
1094   Cycle-Level Intersection Theory for Toric Varieties
Thomas, Hugh
1121   Division par un polynôme hyperbolique
Chaumat, Jacques; Chollet, Anne-Marie
1145   On Log $\mathbb Q$-Homology Planes and Weighted Projective Planes
Daigle, Daniel; Russell, Peter
1190   Meromorphic Functions Sharing the Same Zeros and Poles
Frank, Günter; Hua, Xinhou; Vaillancourt, Rémi
1228   On the Connectedness of Moduli Spaces of Flat Connections over Compact Surfaces
Ho, Nan-Kuo; Liu, Chiu-Chu Melissa
1237   Central Sequence Algebras of a Purely Infinite Simple $C^{*}$-algebra
Kishimoto, Akitaka
1259   The Fourier Algebra for Locally Compact Groupoids
Paterson, Alan L. T.
1290   Equivariant Formality for Actions of Torus Groups
Scull, Laura
1308   Variations of Mixed Hodge Structures of Multiple Polylogarithms
Zhao, Jianqiang
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