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Volume 50 (1998)
  Subgroups of the adjoint group of a radical ring
Amberg, B.; Dickenschied, O.; Sysak, Ya. P.
16   Asymptotic shape of finite packings
Böröczky, Károly Jr.; Schnell, Uwe
29   Weighted norm inequalities for fractional integral operators with rough kernel
Ding, Yong; Lu, Shanzhen
40   Green's functions for powers of the invariant Laplacian
Engliš, Miroslav; Peetre, Jaak
74   Elementary proof of the fundamental lemma for a unitary group
Flicker, Yuval Z.
99   $A_\phi$-invariant subspaces on the torus
Izuchi, Keiji; Matsugu, Yasuo
134   On critical level sets of some two degrees of freedom integrable Hamiltonian systems
Médan, Christine
152   Inequalities for rational functions with prescribed poles
Min, G.
167   Murnaghan-Nakayama rules for characters of Iwahori-Hecke algebras of the complex reflection groups $G(r,p,n)$
Halverson, Tom; Ram, Arun
193   Intertwining operator and $h$-harmonics associated with reflection groups
Xu, Yuan
210   Isomorphisms between generalized Cartan type $W$ Lie algebras in characteristic $0$
Zhao, Kaiming
225   Derivations and invariant forms of Lie algebras graded by finite root systems
Benkart, Georgia
242   Intégration du sous-différentiel proximal: un contre exemple
Benoist, Joël
266   The torsion free Pieri formula
Britten, D. J.; Lemire, F. W.
290   Noncommutative disc algebras for semigroups
Davidson, Kenneth R.; Popescu, Gelu
312   Units in group rings of free products of prime cyclic groups
Dokuchaev, Michael A.; Singer, Maria Lucia Sobral
323   Purely infinite, simple $C^\ast$-algebras arising from free product constructions
Dykema, Kenneth J.; Rørdam, Mikael
342   Shape fibrations, multivalued maps and shape groups
Giraldo, Antonio
356   Some norms on universal enveloping algebras
Gross, Leonard
378   Equivariant polynomial automorphism of $\Theta$-representations
Kurth, Alexandre
401   The hypercentre and the $n$-centre of the unit group of an integral group ring
Li, Yuanlin
412   Asymptotic transformations of $q$-series
McIntosh, Richard J.
426   The groups of the regular star-polytopes
McMullen, Peter
449   $Q_p$ spaces on Riemann surfaces
Aulaskari, Rauno; He, Yuzan; Ristioja, Juha; Zhao, Ruhan
465   Six primes and an almost prime in four linear equations
Balog, Antal
487   On the Liouville property for divergence form operators
Barlow, Martin T.
497   Morse index of approximating periodic solutions for the billiard problem. Application to existence results
Bolle, Philippe
525   Nilpotent orbit varieties and the atomic decomposition of the $q$-Kostka polynomials
Brockman, William; Haiman, Mark
538   Upper bounds for the resonance counting function of Schrödinger operators in odd dimensions
Froese, Richard
547   Mittag-Leffler theorems on Riemann surfaces and Riemannian manifolds
Gauthier, Paul M.
563   Primes in short segments of arithmetic progressions
Goldston, D. A.; Yildirim, C. Y.
581   The homology of singular polygon spaces
Kamiyama, Yasuhiko
595   Multipliers of fractional Cauchy transforms and smoothness conditions
Luo, Donghan; MacGregor, Thomas
605   Hardy spaces of conjugate systems of temperatures
Guzmán-Partida, Martha; Pérez-Esteva, Salvador
620   The Eichler trace of $\bbd Z_p$ actions on Riemann surfaces
Sjerve, Denis; Yang, Qing Jie
638   Fractals in the large
Strichartz, Robert S.
658   Hankel operators on pseudoconvex domains of finite type in ${\Bbb C}^2$
Symesak, Frédéric
673   Fredholm modules and spectral flow
Carey, Alan; Phillips, John
719   Indecomposable almost free modules---the local case
Göbel, Rüdiger; Shelah, Saharon
739   Eigenpolytopes of distance regular graphs
Godsil, C. D.
756   Estimates on renormalization group transformations
Brydges, D.; Dimock, J.; Hurd, T. R.
794   Upper bounds on $|L(1,\chi)|$ and applications
Louboutin, Stéphane
816   Tableaux realization of generalized Verma modules
Mazorchuk, Volodymyr
829   Conjugacy classes and nilpotent variety of a reductive monoid
Putcha, Mohan S.
845   Lusternik-Schnirelmann category and algebraic $R$-local homotopy theory
Scheerer, H.; Tanré, D.
863   Smooth formal embeddings and the residue complex
Yekutieli, Amnon
897   Fourier multipliers for local hardy spaces on Chébli-Trimèche hypergroups
Bloom, Walter R.; Xu, Zengfu
929   Decomposition varieties in semisimple Lie algebras
Broer, Abraham
972   Trace class elements and cross-sections in Kac-Moody groups
Brüchert, Gerd
1007   Galois module structure of ambiguous ideals in biquadratic extensions
Elder, G. Griffith
1048   Localization theories for simplicial presheaves
Goerss, P. G.; Jardine, J. F.
1090   Sur les transformées de Riesz sur les groupes de Lie moyennables et sur certains espaces homogènes
Lohoué, Noël; Mustapha, Sami
1105   Tempered representations and the theta correspondence
Roberts, Brooks
1119   Ward's solitons II: exact solutions
Anand, Christopher Kumar
1138   Compound invariants and mixed $F$-, $\DF$-power spaces
Chalov, P. A.; Terzioğlu, T.; Zahariuta, V. P.
1163   Gradient estimates for harmonic Functions on manifolds with Lipschitz metrics
Chen, Jingyi; Hsu, Elton P.
1176   Isomorphism problem for metacirculant graphs of order a product of distinct primes
Dobson, Edward
1189   Totally real rigid elements and Galois theory
Engler, Antonio José
1209   A lower bound for $K_X L$ of quasi-polarized surfaces $(X,L)$ with non-negative Kodaira dimension
Fukuma, Yoshiaki
1236   The behaviour of Legendre and ultraspherical polynomials in $L_p$-spaces
Kalton, N. J.; Tzafriri, L.
1253   Integral representation of $p$-class groups in ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions and the Jacobian variety
López-Bautista, Pedro Ricardo; Villa-Salvador, Gabriel Daniel
1273   Mean convergence of Lagrange interpolation for exponential weights on $[-1,1]$
Lubinsky, D. S.
1298   Imprimitively generated Lie-algebraic Hamiltonians and separation of variables
Milson, Robert
1323   L'invariant de Hasse-Witt de la forme de Killing
Morales, Jorge
1337   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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