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Volume 49 (1997)
  Sweeping out properties of operator sequences
Akcoglu, Mustafa A.; Ha, Dzung M.; Jones, Roger L.
24   Spatial branching processes and subordination
Bertoin, Jean; Le Gall, Jean-François; Le Jan, Yves
55   Normal Functions: $L^p$ Estimates
Chen, Huaihui; Gauthier, Paul M.
74   Constrained approximation in Sobolev spaces
Hu, Y. K.; Kopotun, K. A.; Yu, X. M.
100   Multiplication Invariant Subspaces of Hardy Spaces
Lance, T. L.; Stessin, M. I.
119   Automorphisms of the Lie algebras $W^*$ in characteristic $0$
Osborn, J. Marshall
133   Exterior powers of the adjoint representation
Reeder, Mark
160   The Classical Limit of Dynamics for Spaces Quantized by an Action of ${\Bbb R}^{\lowercase{d}}$
Rieffel, Marc A.
175   Orthogonal Polynomials for a Family of Product Weight Functions on the Spheres
Xu, Yuan
193   Classifying PL $5$-manifolds by regular genus: the boundary case
Casali, Maria Rita
212   Differential equations defined by the sum of two quasi-homogeneous vector fields
Coll, B.; Gasull, A.; Prohens, R.
232   Spectral theory for the Neumann Laplacian on planar domains with horn-like ends
Edward, Julian
263   Determinantal forms for symplectic and orthogonal Schur functions
Hamel, A. M.
283   The $2$-rank of the class group of imaginary bicyclic biquadratic fields
McCall, Thomas M.; Parry, Charles J.; Ranalli, Ramona R.
301   On some alternative characterizations of Riordan arrays
Merlini, Donatella; Rogers, Douglas G.; Sprugnoli, Renzo; Verri, M. Cecilia
321   A complete convergence theorem for attractive reversible nearest particle systems
Mountford, T. S.
338   Local bifurcations of critical periods in the reduced Kukles system
Rousseau, C.; Toni, B.
359   Estimates for the heat kernel on $\SL (n,{\bf R})/\SO (n)$
Sawyer, P.
373   Limit transitions for BC type multivariable orthogonal polynomials
Stokman, Jasper V.; Koornwinder, Tom H.
405   On Hurwitz constants for Fuchsian groups
Vulakh, L. Ya.
417   Characteristic cycles in Hermitian symmetric spaces
Boe, Brian D.; Fu, Joseph H. G.
468   Fine spectra and limit laws I. First-order laws
Burris, Stanley; Sárközy, András
499   Gorenstein Witt rings II
Fitzgerald, Robert W.
520   Classical orthogonal polynomials as moments
Ismail, Mourad E. H.; Stanton, Dennis
543   Some summation theorems and transformations for $q$-series
Ismail, Mourad E. H.; Rahman, Mizan; Suslov, Sergei K.
568   A counterexample in $L^p$ approximation by harmonic functions
Mateu, Joan
583   Summing up the dynamics of quadratic Hamiltonian systems with a center
Pal, Janos; Schlomiuk, Dana
600   The Schreier technique for subalgebras of a free Lie algebra
Rosset, Shmuel; Wasserman, Alon
617   On the zeros of some genus polynomials
Stahl, Saul
641   Fine spectra and limit laws II First-order 0--1 laws.
Burris, Stanley; Compton, Kevin; Odlyzko, Andrew; Richmond, Bruce
653   On $\lowercase{q}$-Carleson measures for spaces of ${\cal M}$-harmonic functions
Cascante, Carme; Ortega, Joaquin M.
675   Some adjunction-theoretic properties of codimension two non-singular subvarities of quadrics
de Cataldo, Mark Andrea A.
696   Geodesic flow on ideal polyhedra
Charitos, Charalambos; Tsapogas, Georgios
708   Density questions for the truncated matrix moment problem
Duran, Antonio J.; Lopez-Rodriguez, Pedro
722   Galois module structure of the integers in wildly ramified $C_p\times C_p$ extensions
Elder, G. Griffith; Madan, Manohar L.
736   Dilations of one parameter Semigroups of positive Contractions on $L^{\lowercase {p}}$ spaces
Fendler, Gero
749   Twisted Hasse-Weil $L$-functions and the rank of Mordell-Weil groups
Howe, Lawrence
772   Finite dimensional representations of $U_t\bigl(\rmsl (2)\bigr)$ at roots of unity
Jie, Xiao
788   Trace functions in the ring of fractions of polycyclic group rings, II
Lichtman, A. I.
798   Boundedness of solutions of parabolic equations with anisotropic growth conditions
Yu, Minqi; Lian, Xiting
810   The Zero Distribution of Orthogonal Rational Functions on the Unit Circle
Pan, K.
820   Sur l'intégrabilité des sous-algèbres de Lie en dimension infinie
Robart, Thierry
840   Non-Hermitian solutions of algebraic Riccati equation
Rodman, Leiba
855   Rational Classification of simple function space components for flag manifolds.
Smith, Samuel Bruce
865   Maps in locally orientable surfaces and integrals over real symmetric surfaces
Goulden, I. P.; Jackson, D. M.
883   Proof of a conjecture of Goulden and Jackson
Okounkov, Andrei
887   Polynomials with $\{ 0, +1, -1\}$ coefficients and a root close to a given point
Borwein, Peter; Pinner, Christopher
916   Quantization of the $4$-dimensional nilpotent orbit of SL(3,$\mathbb{R}$)
Brylinski, Ranee
944   Approximation by multiple refinable functions
Jia, R. Q.; Riemenschneider, S. D.; Zhou, D. X.
963   Homomorphisms from $C(X)$ into $C^*$-algebras
Lin, Huaxin
1010   A characterization of two weight norm inequalities for one-sided operators of fractional type
Lorente, Maria
1034   Ray sequences of best rational approximants for $|x|^\alpha$
Saff, E. B.; Stahl, H.
1066   Multiparameter Variational Eigenvalue Problems with Indefinite Nonlinearity
Shibata, Tetsutaro
1089   Sets on which measurable functions are determined by their range
Burke, Maxim R.; Ciesielski, Krzysztof
1117   The von Neumann algebra $\VN(G)$ of a locally compact group and quotients of its subspaces
Hu, Zhiguo
1139   Majorations effectives pour l'équation de Fermat généralisée
Kraus, Alain
1162   Isoperimetric inequalities on surfaces of constant curvature
Ku, Hsu-Tung; Ku, Mei-Chin; Zhang, Xin-Min
1188   Factorization in the invertible group of a $C^*$-algebra
Leen, Michael J.
1206   Subalgebras which appear in quantum Iwasawa decompositions
Letzter, Gail
1224   Tensor products of analytic continuations of holomorphic discrete series
Ørsted, Bent; Zhang, Genkai
1242   $1$-complemented subspaces of spaces with $1$-unconditional bases
Randrianantoanina, Beata
1265   Hecke algebras and class-group invariant
Snaith, V. P.
1281   Pieri's formula via explicit rational equivalence
Sottile, Frank
1299   The explicit solution of the $\bar\partial$-Neumann problem in a non-isotropic Siegel domain
Tie, Jingzhi
1323   Stable parallelizability of partially oriented flag manifolds II
Sankaran, Parameswaran; Zvengrowski, Peter
1340   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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