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1. CJM 1997 (vol 49 pp. 916)

Brylinski, Ranee
Quantization of the $4$-dimensional nilpotent orbit of $\SL(3,\R)$
We give a new geometric model for the quantization of the 4-dimensional conical (nilpotent) adjoint orbit $\OR$ of $\SL(3,\R)$. The space of quantization is the space of holomorphic functions on ${\C}^2-\{0\})$ which are square integrable with respect to a signed measure defined by a Meijer $G$-function. We construct the quantization out a non-flat Kaehler structure on ${\C}^2-\{0\})$ (the universal cover of $\OR$) with Kaehler potential $\rho=|z|^4$.

Categories:81S10, 32C17, 22E70

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