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Knot 369
Calculus Animations
Over the past 12 years the author has developed computer animations, labs, and graphics for use in his classes that cover courses from Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry through the Calculus sequence and elementary differential equations.
Knot 368
A Science/Development blog which is interested in mathematics. It contains some interesting online applications using PHP that draws parametric 3D, Bézier curves, fractals and much more.
Knot 367
BrightStat is a free online application for statistical analysis. It has an easy to use GUI and supports the creation of mostly used scientifc graphs.
Knot 366
This website contains more than a thousand geometry problem. Great for the teachers !
Knot 365
Spelunk Computing
This site features a number of unique online activities that bring the open ended creativity of yesteryear's classic toys to the computer age. Kids and adults can create intriguing patterns with ease. Those so inclined can also delve into the underlying mathematics. (You have to install the latest version of Java)
Knot 364
The NP-Complete Arcade
This site contains a number of applets designed to explore the conditions under which some NP-complete problems become difficult. Currently, there are applets for sudoku, subset sum and partition problems. This is an ongoing project.
Knot 363
Math Vids
It is a website dedicated to providing high quality, instructional, free math videos to middle school, high school, and college students who need math help.
Knot 362
Fractal Science Kit
The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator is a Windows program to generate a mathematical object called a fractal. On the website, there's also a gallery of fractals.
Knot 361
Mr. Taylor's Multiplication Facts Drill
Learning the times tables can seem difficult. This amazingly simple on-line program provides students with reinforced practice.
Knot 360
Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities
This page contains links to several mathematical utilities that can be very useful !

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