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Knot 251
Anthropic reasoning
A page dedicated to "Anthropic reasoning" which involves concepts such as probability, objective chance, rationality, and observers. Check out problems such as the Doomsday argument.
Knot 250
Une belle collection d'énigmes de logique, mathématiques amusantes et autres jeux d'esprit.
Knot 249
Game Theory
Game theory .net is an eclectic resource for educators and students of game theory. Beyond lecture notes and links to text books, the site contains interactive applets and games demonstrating key concepts. There is even a section on game theory in the movies.
Knot 248
Contour Plots
Eric Weeks describes a method of making interesting non-moiré patterns. Check out his pages on Lissajou figures, Polar Flowers, and Spirals as well.
Knot 247
Hexadecimal Headquarters
Why should we switch to the hexadecimal system? A basic argument against the tyrrany of ten!
Knot 246
Who's Counting?
This is an archive of John Allen Paulos' mathematics columns for Click here for the most recent column.
Knot 245
Distances on a cube
Henry Bottomley's applet allows you to calculate distances on the surface of a cubical box, which are related to the Spider and Fly problem, the Ant problem, and the Surface Distance Conjecture. Also check out Circumnavigating a cube and a tetrahedron!
Knot 244
Digital Mathematics Archive
A digital collection of more recent mathematical sources (from late 19th century) including papers, images, and source code.
Knot 243
Voronoi Art
Scott Sona Snibbe uses a retro-reflective floor to display the Voronoi diagram of people walking on it, exploring notions of personal space and individual-group relations.Check out also Scott's other projects.
Knot 242
Forum Geometricorum
This is a freely accessible electronic journal on classical euclidean geometry and related areas which aims at bringing to its readers the beauty, elegance, and usefulness of elementary geometry.

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