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Below is a list of all the links collected by KaBoL since it first started in 1996, in reverse chronological order. If you are looking for something specific, you might want to try our search engine.

Knot 241
The Game of Sprouts
This site is a witty and enjoyable exploration of Paterson's and Conway's game of sprouts. The game of sprouts was featured in one of Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American. Readers are invited to to join in the mathematical research pursuit which sprouts represents and to share their research results.
Knot 240
7Stones Mathematical Ideas in Science
Nominated for a Webby Award, this site offers illustrations and explanations of some mathematical ideas that are used in science.
Knot 238
Open Problems
A well-maintained site on open problems, mostly in geometry, including folding, combinatorial and algorithmic problems.
Knot 237
Inexplicable secrets of creation
Quotes, curiosities, and explanations on the connections between physics and number theory.
Knot 236
Les Hexamys
This page is about Pascal's Mystical Hexagrams, and all the geometric demonstrations they can be used for. (In French).
Knot 235
AMS Feature Column
Feature columns on new discoveries or interesting connections. Make sure to check out the archives.
Knot 234
Whistler Alley Mathematics
This is a great little collection of mathematics investigations using The Geometer's Sketchpad.
Knot 233
Visual Mathematics
A visually and mathematically appealing electronic quarterly of the ISIS-Symmetry, edited by Slavik Jablan and Denes Nagy.
Knot 232
Math Awareness Month
April is Math Awareness Month. This site has a listing of all the activities and resources related to MAM 2001.
Knot 231
Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications
This new MAA journal, focussed on content for college level mathematical sciences, takes advantage of the Web to publish materials containing dynamic, full-color graphics, Java applets, audio and video clips, and other web-based features.

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