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Top Canadian ‘mathletes’ earn honours in national math competition (May 16)
 OTTAWA - The top Canadian mathematical minds were revealed with the results of the 48th Sun Life Financial Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO), which was held on March 30, 2016.  The top three students were Kai Sun, Jinhao Xu, and William Zhao. 
Daniel Wise wins the 2016 Jeffery-Williams Prize for a profound impact in mathematical research (Mar 29)
OTTAWA - McGill University Professor Daniel T. Wise is the recipient of the 2016 Jeffery-Williams Prize. Wise is widely recognized as one of the top geometric group theorists in the world, and the best of his generation. His work has had a profound impact, not only in the immediate subject of geometric group theory, but also playing a key role in the solution of outstanding open problems in the theory of 3-manifolds.

2016 CMS Excellence in Teaching award winner Ian VanderBurgh “promotes a love of mathematics among students and teachers” (Mar 24)
OTTAWA — University of Waterloo Lecturer Ian VanderBurgh's teaching has addressed diverse audiences, from struggling calculus students to Putnam students. His work has had a significant influence on the mathematical community among both students and teachers at large.

Louigi Addario-Berry awarded the 2016 Coxeter-James Prize (Mar 18)

OTTAWA – McGill University Associate Professor Louigi Addario-Berry is the recipient of the 2016 Coxeter-James Prize for his outstanding contributions to mathematical research. Louigi Addario-Berry works on the interface of probability and combinatorics, and “has emerged as one of the leaders of his generation in the area of discrete probability,” one referee said.

Malabika Pramanik awarded the 2016 CMS Krieger-Nelson prize for research excellence (Mar 8)

OTTAWA – University of British Columbia Associate Professor Malabika Pramanik is the recipient of the 2016 Krieger-Nelson Prize for her outstanding research contributions. Pramanik uses analytical tools to answer questions about pattern identification in sparse sets; that is, in finding regular structures within sets that are otherwise very disordered and thin.

The 48th Sun Life Financial Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (Feb 29)

The 48th Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) will be held on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. In North America, South America, and Central America and in time zones covering these areas, the competition will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Elsewhere in the world, the 3 hour writing period will be arranged in consultation with the CMS. All exams will be proctored by officials who are not family-related to any of the participants being supervised.

The CMO is open only to students who have received a direct invitation from the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). The CMS will provide registration information to schools with eligible students in early March. Teachers must complete and submit the registration form with each student by March 18, 2016. Once registration is completed, the CMS will mail the competition kit directly to the exam proctoring official. 

Top students recognized in Canada’s premier national mathematics competition (Jan 14)
Three students have received top national honours in a three-way tie after competing with almost 6,000 students across Canada and internationally – in the 20th annual 2015 Sun Life Financial Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC).

Richard Chow (Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Ont.), Thomas Guo (Olympiads Schools, North York, Ont.) and William Zhao (Richmond Hill H.S., Richmond Hill, Ont.) achieved the top score of 75/80 winning gold in the most prestigious category of Best in Canada Overall.

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