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2013 Sun Life Financial Canadian Open Math Challenge - Nov 6/7

2013 Sun Life Financial Canadian Open Math Challenge - Nov 6/7

Exam Archive:

Practice for the COMC using the following past exam questions:

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Problem of the Week:

Beginning in the first week of September, we will post a sample problem to familiarize you with the kinds of questions you might find on a COMC exam. The solution is posted the following week when the next problem is posted. See our Problem of the Week page.

Other resources:

Crux Mathematicorum: This is the CMS's flagship problem solving periodical. Each issue contains articles on problems and problem solving as well as original problems and problems from mathematics competitions and Olympiads from around the world. The journal is interactive in the sense that the published solutions to the problem sets all come from the readership. Crux is designed for students and hobbyists who are keen to sharpen their skills with other national and international level problem solvers. You can download a sample issue of Crux, or check out the main Crux web site and the archive. Volumes 32 and earlier are free to the public, more recent issues are available by subscription.

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