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Meromorphic functions with prescribed asymptotic behaviour, zeros and poles and applications in complex approximation

 Printed: Feb 1999
  • A. Sauer
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We construct meromorphic functions with asymptotic power series expansion in $z^{-1}$ at $\infty$ on an Arakelyan set $A$ having prescribed zeros and poles outside $A$. We use our results to prove approximation theorems where the approximating function fulfills interpolation restrictions outside the set of approximation.
Keywords: asymptotic expansions, approximation theory asymptotic expansions, approximation theory
MSC Classifications: 30D30, 30E10, 30E15 show english descriptions Meromorphic functions, general theory
Approximation in the complex domain
Asymptotic representations in the complex domain
30D30 - Meromorphic functions, general theory
30E10 - Approximation in the complex domain
30E15 - Asymptotic representations in the complex domain

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