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On a Conjecture of Goresky, Kottwitz and MacPherson

 Printed: Feb 1999
  • C. Allday
  • V. Puppe
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We settle a conjecture of Goresky, Kottwitz and MacPherson related to Koszul duality, \ie, to the correspondence between differential graded modules over the exterior algebra and those over the symmetric algebra.
Keywords: Koszul duality, Hirsch-Brown model Koszul duality, Hirsch-Brown model
MSC Classifications: 13D25, 18E30, 18G35, 55U15 show english descriptions Complexes
Derived categories, triangulated categories
Chain complexes [See also 18E30, 55U15]
Chain complexes
13D25 - Complexes
18E30 - Derived categories, triangulated categories
18G35 - Chain complexes [See also 18E30, 55U15]
55U15 - Chain complexes

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